An end of year resolution for 2019!

Although I often claim that I am not a visual person, I admit that I love pretty plants and flowers. Their vivid colors transport my soul and keep me competing with nature to match exact color combinations to use in my home or wardrobe.

I recently returned from a trip to Puerto Viejo, Limon, Costa Rica where I was able to spend a couple of days doing nothing but being a tourist. I had no idea how much I was going to enjoy being a tourist in my own country. When I arrived back home, I instantly set about decorating one of our boring bathrooms. I went for a bold purple on the walls which matched perfectly with a canvas oil painting our daughter had left behind when she went to college years ago. I had been displaying the painting in my office but the background yellow was not doing anything for this vibrant artistic expression.

After the walls were painted and the canvas hung, I set about making the perfect curtains from a sarong I purchased at one of those ubiquitous artisans’ craft fairs. It had been folded and getting dusty for years until the muse visited me and reminded me that fabric is fabric is fabric…the result is spectacular and I invite everyone who visits me to spend a few minutes in that particular bathroom and then give me their feedback. So far no one has been disappointed!

The bougainvillea which opens this blog has been struggling for years and does not seem to be getting any taller but the colors of its flowers make me want to plant several more in a nearby garden that I am starting to cultivate. My end of the year resolution is to write more, plant more, think more and eat less!

Welcome 2020!

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