Why Do I Write?

I have been dreaming of selling my (writing) work for more than 40 years. I know that it is true because I have known my husband for more than 40 years and he has confirmed that he noticed a copy of the Writer’s Digest magazine and other writing “tools” in my possession shortly after he met me. I can’t really explain why I allowed one rejection letter to keep me from finishing more work and sending it out for queries.

In 1994, I purchased the “Writer’s Market” directory…probably full-price. I don’t know what I was thinking since at the time I had a toddler and was thinking of getting pregnant again. I am happy to say that the second baby is now 24 years old and her older brother will turn 28 tomorrow. That part of my life (parenting) has been satisfied, I cannot say that it had been a lifelong ambition, but I can say without any hesitation that my children bring me immense joy and satisfaction. I am proud of them as human beings and count them among the pinnacle of my “success”.

I had an older sister who was always (silently) competing with me. I am not sure that I was as aware of it when she was alive than I have been in the almost 18 months since she died. My brother was the one who had the (doubtful) pleasure of clearing out her belongings from the ashram in Iowa where she last lived and although I asked him whether he found any material worth publishing, all he found really were her journals in which she wrote sporadically. I have no interest in looking those over because there is no reason for me to believe her journals tell a different (honest) story than the one she tried to convince us was her reality.

It was about 6 years ago that she ran out of personal projects (becoming a distance- healer was the latest) that she latched on to mine. I have taken on (and quit at the appropriate time) a number of projects that have included being president of a local chamber of tourism, homeschooling my children, hosting radio shows, taking music lessons, blogging, etc. Right now I am in the process of concluding my last 18 months as treasurer of an important local organization for Senior Citizens which will finally conclude (for me personally) my need to contribute to my community. After that (June 2021), I will feel that I have done what I need to do and can get on with my desire to do something (or nothing) for the rest of my days.

I tell people that the stories I want to write are the ones I would like to read. What would I like to read? Mature love stories that are full of deep love and longing but not graphic sex scenes. Is there any interest out there for that? I cannot know until I write and begin to pitch it for publication. I am hopeful that my Ideal Reader (IR) will be someone like me. Since I consider myself a pretty middle of the road person who has many counterparts, I hope I will be successful. I just need to eke out the time and get to it.

I blog quite a bit but on different topics. Now is the time I need to begin to focus on writing my story, developing my characters, seeking my ideal readers. It’s all doable!

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Connecting with a Friend!

I recently caught up with a friend over coffee at a local shop we used to frequent when he lived in the same town as I do. It had been a long time since we had seen each other and as we all know, conversations with really good friends pick up wherever they left off when we last connected and are very satisfying.

My friend’s life and mine are so different it boggles the mind. I write and manage the many aspects of my life as best as I can, while he is busy developing a business in the homeopathic realm. We have nothing in common and our friendship is one of the many mysteries of life. Yet when we are together, the laughter is constant and reminds me of how wonderful it is to have a close friend that one can laugh with in comfort.

I spend a  lot of my time looking at the clock trying to figure out the one best way of executing any task. I believe I owe my strong interest in this as a consequence of having watched the movie “Cheaper by the Dozen” when I was a youngster.  If I am faced with deadlines, I try to break the jobs down to their most basic steps in order to see where I might economize a minute or two so I can come up with an extra five minutes for reading or writing. It sounds like something a crazy or obsessive person might do but I do it constantly, and I don’t think of myself as crazy or obsessive, just wanting to profit from every second in my day. We all start the day with the same number of minutes, but every person lives his life differently and many people might as well just stay in bed since they get nothing done in a day.

Not sure how I got off topic like that but hopefully it made an interesting paragraph you can all analyze. My friend is married to a woman many years his senior. He dotes on her and it has been heartwarming to witness the devotion with which he has stood by her through thick and thin. She is no longer able to do routine things like dress and eat by herself. He has worked out a system where two women work for 16 hours every day and he picks up the third shift. He is an example of pure love and his passion for homeopathy was also inspired by his love for his wife when he saw that her health was declining and that the medicines prescribed for her seemed to be doing more harm than good. He is not your typical husband, but then again, he is not your typical human being either.

I feel blessed and energized to have someone like that in my life, he challenges me to be a better person.

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